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In need of some guidance

In need of some guidance
« on: September 19, 2007, 08:56:51 PM »
I am a senior and during the past summer I did a lot of soul searching about what I wanted to do with my life. I came to the conclusion that I want to go to law school.   The problem is that on paper I don't look anything like a law school candidate. I went to one of the best prep schools in my state (New Jersey) and I currently attend a small, fairly competitive college. I have been an athlete all my life and these are the skill I used previously to get into prep school and then on to college. I was always an average student. Only recently have I truly applied myself to my studies. My cumulative GPA is a 2.61, my GPA within my major (finance) is a 3.1, and in the past semester 3.0. I have progressed in every semester since freshman year, and some how managed to get my lowest grades in my easiest classes, and higher grades in advance finance and business. I have been studying for the LSAT with books I purchased for the past month. I have barrowed money and enrolled in a Princeton Review Class in preparation for the December LSAT. I have worked to help to pay my tuition since freshman year, while playing a sport in college; I have also interned every year at various financial services firms, with an impressive resume for finance.

Thatís a little about myself....

My question is can/ how do I get into law school? I am really looking for any guidance I can get; I really need a mentor because I feel like I have none to talk to at my predominately white school. Regardless of how I look on paper I know without question that have what it takes to be successful in law school, I just need some help getting there.

I would like to go anywhere in the North East, but I am not apposed to anywhere.

Re: In need of some guidance
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If you want to get into a halfway decent law school, nail a high LSAT score. Your GPA is not going to work in your favor, so your best shot is to do well enough on the LSAT that schools overlook your GPA. Are your grades trending up? Is there an explanation for your weaker grades (a legitimate one, not an excuse). You're posting this on the non-trad board... what do you bring to the application table that makes you a non-trad? Age? Does that translate to real-life work experience that would favorably differentiate you from other applicants? Do you have a reason for the school to look beyond your numbers?
Oh, and not to be too harsh, but until you're in law school, you can't really "...know without a question that (you) have what it takes to be successful in law school...". Trust me on that one, these past 6 weeks have taught me alot...
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Re: In need of some guidance
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I second the high LSAT if you want to go somewhere in the Northeast. In the end, once you get here, the stereotypes are just that. I don't go to school with many who resemble the traditional law student.

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Can you get into law school?

ANSWER: Yes.  Of course you can.

Should you go to law school?

ANSWER: Probably not.


ANSWER: With your GPA (and likely LSAT score around 150, which is the average), you can only go to a school that is NOT going to have very good job placement.  Therefore, you will incur considerable debt, and only have a salary of around 30-50,000 per year.

What should you do instead?

ANSWER: Think about what you want to do with your life.  You have a background in finance.  See if you can parlay that into a job!  If you have a strong interest in law, fine...become a lawyer then.  But realize that lawyers usually DON'T make big money.  Most barely make enough to pay off their law school debts and live comfortably.

Why am I so mean?

ANSWER: I'm not trying to be mean - I'm trying to encourage you to do something that will help you succeed at a job without incurring $200,000 in debt, potentially, and possibly not even be allowed to practice law if you don't pass the bar exam (which many fail to do).

What should you do now?

ANSWER: Talk to your university's career services office.  Ask them for help finding a job in your field.  Especially if all you know about law is what you watched on TV and saw in Legally Blonde.

I hope this helps you.

Re: In need of some guidance
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I am a senior

As in college or life?  I'm guessing life since this is the nontrad forum...


I really need a mentor because I feel like I have none to talk to at my predominately white school.

I highly disagree with "hidey" because if you're a URM and/or apply yourself on the LSAT, you'll be fine.

Your potential yearly salary versus debt is not an indication of success. 

Re: In need of some guidance
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Pull up the law schools on the internet in the northeast and find their stats,look at the areas that best suit you and take it from there. Go with the ones that have GPA's around yours and study your butt off for the LSAT. And go for it,if you want it bad enough you'll do it. I also have been told whereever you want to live,it is a good idea to try and go to school in that area,because law schools like that. Good Luck!!!