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Preparatory Programs for Minority and/or Low Income Prelaw Students


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For current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in college ...

Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) 
PLUS Programs are four-week residential summer programs, funded by grants from the Law School Admission Council, where participants are taught important fundamentals to law school and LSAT success.
    The primary purpose of the PLUS Program is to help increase the number of law students from historically underrepresented groups.  To that end, the program is open to the following persons:
    • Those belonging to groups historically underrepresented in law school;
    • Those attending historically black colleges or universities (HBCUs);
    • Those attending American Indian tribal colleges;
    • Those attending predominantly Hispanic colleges or universities; and
    • Those who have experienced significant economic or educational disadvantages.

    Scholars spend the duration of the program taking part in various activities that will expose them to the rigors of law school and prepare them for the LSAT.  Program activities will take place in the classroom and in “the field” in seeking to fully engage Scholars.  Scholars will be provided room, board, and a yet to be determined stipend ($850 in 2006).

    University of Arkansas-Little Rock Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholars Program

University of California-Davis King Hall Outreach Program (KHOP)

Chicago- Kent PreLaw Undergraduate Scholars program

Florida State Summer for Undergraduates Program

University of Iowa - Philip G. Hubbard Law School Preparation Program

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Summer Pre-Law Institute

Santa Clara Univeristy Pre Law Undergraduate Scholars Program

Villanova University Pre-Law Program


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Re: Preparatory Programs for Minority and/or Low Income Prelaw Students
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To add on to the list...

Thanks for adding.

Forgot some others ...


Galbraith Scholars program (semi law related)

American Bar Foundation Summer Research Diversity Fellowship

UTSA Law School Prep Academy (for TX residents)