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more addendum help

more addendum help
« on: September 06, 2007, 08:48:05 PM »
I just wanted my addendum read over. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks guys!

I am writing this to explain my grades as an undergraduate. I started college straight out of high school with the heavy burden of providing solely for my own well-being. During my first three years I was unable to balance supporting myself at a young age and being a full-time student. Because of this my grade point average suffered greatly. I entered the United States Army but was medically discharged soon after. The lessons learned, however, forced me to develop a new-found determination and commitment to my studies. Because of this my performance has been radically different during the last two and a half years and is demonstrated by my GPA of 3.5 during that time period. I hope you will you consider this in your decision. Thank you for your time.