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Hofstra Early Decision - Financial Aid?


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Hofstra Early Decision - Financial Aid?
« on: September 06, 2007, 09:36:31 AM »
I want to apply early decision to Hofstra, as its well within the limits of my LSAT score (158) and undergrad GPA (3.40) and right next door to where my GF goes to med school (great reasons I know, but I just want to get into school).  However, on its website aid FAQ, Hofstra suggests that if financial aid is required, you should not apply early decision, and the Princeton Reviews statistics for it are abysmal

Cost & Aid
Tuition:   $30,824
How much for 3 years?
Tuition Per Credit Hour:   $1,100
Estimated room & board on-campus:   $9,616
Estimated room & board off-campus:   $12,960
Financial Aid Information
Financial Aid deadline:   04/15
Financial Aid Statistics
Direct Lending School:   No
Average loan received:   $3,161
Average scholarship/grant aid received:   $8,553

From these two sources, am I too assume that if you aren't either financially destitute or are able to pay out of pocket you shouldn't apply for early decision?  Or should it just tell me I should go for it and use private loans and the GradPlus federal loan system.

Note: Im pretty sure that I cannot recieve need based aid as my two siblings have been turned down for it already this year.

Thanks for your help