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Part time law school?

Part time law school?
« on: September 03, 2007, 08:28:17 PM »
Hi, I'm new to this forum and need some advice.  I'm 36, 3 kids, husband in law school and I'm working to pay the bills.  Let the craziness ensue....So, I got bitten by the law school bug.  My husband said, if you're interested go and do the LSAT, so amongst the five billion other things I have to do, I studied, and I'm ready (as much as I can be) for the LSAT this month.  I've been scoring in the 170s on the preptests, with a 176 on the June 07 test.  I'd love to go to the top 20 school my husband attends, and I could probably get in unless I completely go belly up on the LSAT.  Should I throw caution to the wind, take the debt and attend the big school, or continue to work and do the pt course at the tier 4?  I know nobody can really answer this for me, it's too dependant on a variety of factors, but some advice/support would be welcome.  My hubby is never home, he's always studying.  I think law school would improve the future of my family, but can I do it to my children?  For anyone who managed to stick thru reading this, thank you.  Sara.

Re: Part time law school?
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First of all, will you please take the LSAT for me, lol?  I think you'd be bored at the T4 school, and it seems to me that a job plus part time law would be about equal in terms of workload to where your husband is at with studying.

As far as the kids go, that's a hard call.  You don't say how old they are.  Maybe you could opt out of things like law review, aim for middle of the pack instead of head of the class - - I also have three kids (single, though), and those are things I am thinking about in terms of balancing school and home life.  My kids are little, and I don't want to look back and realize that I was so hell-bent on trying to make our lives better that I missed...our lives together.

Anyway, you could also wait a couple years.  Once your husband is out and making a good salary you will likely be able to afford help with your kids, which would make everything a lot easier.

Good luck with your decision, and with the LSAT.  I would KILL to be scoring where you are.  LGs kick my butt.