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Re: An Introduction
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I had to reply to this thread even though I am already in law school and by rights should not be here ! :-)

Don't stress about the Kaplan etc test scores: remember, these places need you to come back and take their courses...  My husband sat the GMAT last year to get into B-School, he has an IQ off the chart and was kicking ass on the official tests, then he did some Princeton and Kaplan work and suddently he went from 750-ish score to 530.  530!!  This was the night before the official test, he was just taking it to boost his confidence!  Anyway, he sat the official test and got 760.  Moral of the story - don't put too much into the commercial centers, go to the actual source.

And BTW final_id: your boredom and desire to lord over all teh weeners in your office can be used for your SOP, you just have to recast it as follows: "My key purpose in applying for LS is to ensure an intellectually challenging work life."  Think intellectual challenge...