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(Yet another) Where should I go? Thanks in advance.

(Yet another) Where should I go? Thanks in advance.
« on: August 21, 2007, 10:21:05 AM »
June '07 LSAT: 163

LSDAS GPA: 3.22 (Degree 3.86)
I have a story about my GPA that I could explore in a PS or an addendum, but if my actual transcripts are viewed it will be seen that I did well for a few semesters, then I tanked a semester, left school, and finally returned after some time and have done very well since. In other words, there is an obvious anomaly with respect to my grades. I am set to graduate next Spring and those semesters and I will likely do well in those semesters as well, though since the application process happens now this is probably irrelevant.

I am a 31 year old white male with years of fairly successful work experience under my belt. I always worked full time through school (before and now) and as such have very few extra curriculars. I was recently accepted into an honors program in which I will be doing applied research that will lead both to a thesis and, hopefully, substantive policy change in my local county. Again, though, as the admissions process is about to come underway this may be irrelevant. I suppose I could write my personal statement about this to make sure it gets included, but I feel as though I have a more compelling topic already. Would it be appropriate perhaps to write a second essay detailing this project?

My major is Political Science and I attend the University of Central Florida. I love Florida and would not be upset if it turned out that I stayed for my whole life, but I am also drawn to the urban life in the Northeast (I grew up in New Jersey). I know that I do not wish to live on the West Coast.

So what schools do you all think I should include. I have my list down to about 20 so far. The list is pretty varied though. I have the University of Florida, FSU, and Stetson on my list. I also have the University of Illinois, William and Mary, and Fordham. My dream (super-reach) school is Georgetown, though I am haunted by the idea of what I would do if offered admission at Georgetown and also admission with money at another, lesser ranked Tier 1.

Thank you all very much for any thoughts you might share.

Re: (Yet another) Where should I go? Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the info. I kind of figured my only somewhat legitimate shot at Georgetown was part-time. I thought I read somewhere that GULC looks a bit negatively towards PT applicants that don't already have ties to the D.C. area. Am I crazy? Because I also read somewhere that they understand that many students will enter the PT program with the intent of transferring to FT. I think I read that something like 50% are successful in doing so. Do I have this wrong?