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I am a 20-year old Sophmore in college and it's time to choose a major, something I have dreaded since I started college. I am about the most indecisive person you will ever meet. I went from a major in Radio & Televison to a major in K-12 education to a major in English to my current major which is Journalism/Philosphy - Law concentration with minors in Radio & TV (since I only need 3 classes to complete the requirement) and Sociology. I am fairly certain about the choice I made the only thing that nags me is future job prospects. I am currently the assistant to the director of cardiology @ a well known hospital, so it would behoove me to major in Health Science or Business Admin. Am I setting myself up for failure with my current major? Thanks in advance!!!


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Re: Ahhh!!!
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First hint:

Don't make your name party princess and expect serious advice about your education titled "Ahhh!!!"

Re: Ahhh!!!
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Your post was a little rambling.  I didn't read into it too well, but I assume you want to go into law if you're posting on this board.  Your major does not matter.  Just pick a major you like, get good grades, and make sure you build relationships with profs to get recs.  That's all that you need.

The caveat is if you are interested in IP.  Then you will need a science/engineering background.  But by the looks of it, this is not your forte, so you are fine.