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i have been working on LSAT for almost 1 month..... but but i only got 40 correc

i have been working on LSAT for almost 1 month, -( have a full time job); just last night i did the test of June,2002;  i finshed the test according the time;  but i only got 40 correct answers!!!

i felt very very disappointed, how about you guys performance?? thanks

do u think how much i can improve in the next 2 months?  thx


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If you have faith in yourself and sit down and practice a couple hours a day, then I am sure that you will improve;)


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Just look at it this way: it's MUCH easier to improve by a considerable amount if you're getting 40 correct right now.  It sounds like you really should try reading the Logical Reasoning and Logic Games Bibles if you haven't already.  Also, if you're only getting 40 correct, stop timing yourself.  You're wasting material.  Until you're scoring around where you want/need to be scoring untimed, you need to be working on accuracy instead of working under pressure.

thanks a lot,guys;

i am using <THE official LSAT TEST> (JUNE 2002);

so,i will take your suggestion: finish the test untimed;

definately i need buy more books.  ( i ordered from LSAT already);

plus, i borrwoed some from library and my friends;

cheer up.

This is the technique you should use:

First, start with the Logic Games Bible (and if you wish the Logical Reasoning Bible.) Being able to quickly move through a games section with every question correct is crucial in order to a high LSAT score. Too many beginners get intimidated by Logic Games, and have a strategy of getting 2/4 or 3/4 games right and just guessing on the test. This is not a strategy, but a sure method of failure.

Once you mastered the logic games, start doing full length practice tests in 35 minute sections; however, at the end of each section, immediately go back and see what questions you got wrong and try to understand -why- you got them wrong. The LSAT is a test of technique, so you need to understand every error you make. Do not do the sections consecutively one after the other at this point. Work on getting your score up and understanding the test completely.

When your score increases, start doing the full length tests consecutively. Become an LSAT machine, and work on speed without sacrificing accuracy. One of the most important things you can do in this phase is have someone time or proctor your tests, so you can get comfortable using your analog wristwatch and having the startling voice interrupt you at the 5 minute warning. Yes, start early with the analog wristwatch, it needs to be a part of you.

After this phase, evaluate your scores and go back and focus on weak areas. If, for example, in Logical Reasoning you are getting all the parallel reasoning questions wrong… well then practice those! Fill in any and all weak points here, and just become more and more confident with them.

Most importantly, do not let anyone else, especially on these forums, tell you that it is impossible or will take many months and time that you do not have. What it comes down to is not how long you study a day, but how much you take out of each study session and practice test. The person who studies for 10 hours a day but does not go back to fully understand every question he got wrong is wasting his time, compared to a person who does 3-4 practice tests a week and really takes a lot out of it. Still, commitment is a big part of it. Take it seriously, and instead of making more posts asking IF it is possible to get an extremely high LSAT score, go and practice so you CAN get that score, while never losing confidence that your goal is fully attainable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I took my first LSAT and did mediocre. I studied hard and on my second LSAT I received a 174. Hard work truly does pay off.


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@#!* all that advice, first learn to read and write English at a collegiate level.  Its about the most important skill you can have as a lawyer in America.

I was thinking the same thing but I'm trying to be patient and be nice to people these days.

Anyone that can figure out how to post can at least pop the text into MS Word for a basic spelling and grammar check in less than a minute BEFORE hitting post when in doubt.

Everyone's so testy about their language today. You sound like my parents after they visit a convenience store...

Maybe their minds are stuck somewhere back in the Writing section of the SAT?


You probably should start your own thread and ask.


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whats sad?

LSATsage's 90th percentile score.