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Re-applyting to law school after withdrawing

Re-applyting to law school after withdrawing
« on: August 02, 2007, 02:43:28 PM »
HI ,

I am reapplying to law school this Fall and am taking powerscore for lsat prep. I graduated in '96. I attended a 4th tier skool back in '99 and after 2 years of financial and family issues. I withdrew. I am extremely excited about reapplying and just wondered if anyone had any advice for me?


Re: Re-applyting to law school after withdrawing
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ok thanks!

Re: Re-applyting to law school after withdrawing
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I second CamelMan's recommendation on writing a good addendum.  Just to let you know, I just went through the reapplication process after withdrawing from school in 2003 which isn't that long ago. I don't know if your situation will be different since so much time has elapsed but it hurt my applications to have a prior record. I was in a comfortable numbers range for a lot of the schools I applied to but all of them rejected me minus one which waitlisted me. Luckily, I got off the waitlist pretty early in the summer and will be attending a top 20 school but the process was very stressful. Most of the schools did hold my prior record against me.

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See I am very worried about that but at least I left. I took Princeton review and did horribly on the LSAT. Ended up going to Cooley and realized I had made a horrible mistake! Plus the financial aid wasnt there and my family issues, didnt help either. What did you score on your LSATs and what do you think helped you get accepted. I was wondering if I should even mention I went to Cooley since it was forever ago it seems. Do you think they will find out if I omit that? My thought was if they did it would go against me ethically, etc.

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OK...Glad I asked. I will have to really put together a great application with high scores. I spoke to a prof at the law school at my UG and she told me I had to ace the LSAT. I am determined to get into school and I know this is for me. Just a matter of who will accept me. I start my Powerscore class tomorrow and I am nervous as hell. This whole thing is nerve racking. Wish me luck! I am so glad I found this place.

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Hi Spacecowgirl,

You *definitely* have to disclose the fact that you were at another law school. Schools specifically ask that on their applications. I disclosed that and included an addendum about it. If you lie, I'm not sure what the repercussions would be but they could be serious. In retrospect, I feel that I could have saved a lot of money if I had done more research beforehand. I was scared to speak to people in admissions but I feel that it would be worth it to get their feedback on the situation. I scored in the low 160's and had an almost perfect gpa from a top 5 liberal arts college.  I also have been working on wall street as an analyst since I first withdrew from school so I had some serious work experience under my belt. I too had family, money issues and could not focus on school while I was there and had horrible grades as a result. Despite this, I felt that most schools did not really give me much leeway or perhaps they expected me to go back to my original school which was also a top 20 school.  I think I got really lucky to get off the waitlist.  At any rate, I agree with your prof that a high lsat is very key especially these days where most of the tier 1 schools have similarly high lsat numbers for their entering students.  LSAT's were not as high when I applied 7 years ago but now they are.

I think you are doing the right thing by taking Powerscore. It is a much better lsat prep course.

Good luck!

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Thanks everyone so much for the advice!! I am getting my transcripts from Cooley and meeting with the Admissions Dean at my old school. He said he would meet with me to give me some advice and what my chances were in applying. SO I will definitely follow through with that! I too didn't do much research and was quite shy about asking around. Like you I would have saved alot of money and time. I have been working for the last 5 years at my UG which has been good. I have already solicited rec letters from my boss and a few others who are well known. SO I am hoping that will help too! ALl I can do now is ACE that test, lay all my cards on the table and pray...they do say preparedness +opportunity = LUCK so let's hope I am luck!!! lol :)