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what major?


Re: what major?
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gotta love the internships!

Yeah, one at La-Z-Boy and one at 24 Hour XXX Hott Video & Massage.


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Re: what major?
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Pick a major you can actual get a job in if you need to.  A BA in liberal arts doesn't qualify you for much, same with just a BA in psych or phil.
Pick something that interests you, not something someone tells you is the undergrad choice for law school.
This topic has gone around quite a bit on this discussion board, but I have to put a plug in for doing what you're interested in--and doing something well (I think these are related). I majored in music, but I went to a liberal arts school, so I was able to take a wide variety of classes that gave me an "in" to my current job in public policy. I and other friends from college have actually found our liberal arts degrees to be an excellent boon in employment (including my spouse, who works in research for a major investment firm. He was an English major!). I would have to heartily disagree with this poster about liberal arts degrees "not qualify[ing] you for much." Everyone has their own experience, but mine has been quite good.

However, I think it's important to not ignore the second part of my first sentence. GPA really matters, so get a major in something that holds your interest AND that you can do well in.

About the pot: careful here. Drug-related arrest records are not particularly good for getting a job or into the bar.

Finally, lighten up! You've got lots of time to think about law school. Enjoy college, and take advantage of your general requirements to explore a number of areas.

Good luck!


Re: what major?
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^^^ LOL... don't listen to brave in this case... you won't see too many communication majors at top law schools...


1) spend all of freshman year taking a variety of intro courses that seem different, interesting, strange, unfamiliar, and/or challenging.  Use these to also fulfill whatever silly requirements your institution of higher learning necessitates.  This will allow you to explore a variety of subjects that you may not even know anything about and knock off some pre-reqs / crazy college reqs..

2) spend sophomore year taking some higher-level classes in those subjects that most peaked your interest freshman year... declare your major by the end of the year

3) junior... fulfill your concentration requirements and start to think about law school

4) senior... don't screw up your grades while knocking off final requirements

If you are thinking about impressing adcomms, avoid business degrees or other "vocational" degrees... strong liberal arts concentrations are always good for law school (i.e., history, polisci, philosophy, etc)... while these may not set you apart from the millions of other law school students applying to law school, they are still excellent preparatory backgrounds for law school... do well in them and adcomms will take notice... hard sciences are also good because law-types are impressed with hard sciences, probably because most law types shy away from them...

I would say, if you are sure you want to go to law school... take a hard liberal arts or science path... I would choose the specific path after exploration and on the basis of 1) interest and 2) chance of success... hopefully these two factors will coincide... ultimately, adcomms will be impressed by success in a rigorous program... get a 4.0 in engineering, history, physics, or philosophy at a solid undergrad and you will get a solid check in the box for this portion of your LS app

Re: what major?
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Bloomich probably offered the best advice  :D


Re: what major?
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yay, i win!  ;D