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Re: are you worse off taking the september lsat than the june lsat?
« Reply #10 on: July 23, 2007, 09:33:14 PM »

ED applications show that you are eager to attend their school because you have committed, in writing, to attend their school over all others if admitted. The same logic doesn't apply for early applications.

This is true -- a different logic applies.  Regardless, you're still indicating a strong interest in the program.  You're also showing you're the kind of guy who gets his sh*t together quickly and doesn't procrastinate. 

But on the other hand, the October application has also gotten his *&^% together quickly, and doesn't consider the school an afterthought - he's still applying six months before applications are due. Only on LSD would that be considered procrastination. Again, I think we're trying to apply something that exists on a large scale to something on a much smaller scale. Where does it end? Is there an advantage in applying on September 15th instead of September 30th? September 15th instead of September 16th?

I'm arguing this point, not because I think people should sit on their applications for the sake of applying later, but because there comes a point where whatever theoretically possible (but unlikely to exist in any significance) advantage needs to yield to other improvements that, at least on an intuitive level to me, confer an actual improvement.

For example, if I ask my English professor to review my personal statement on September 15th, I'll still say yes even if he says he won't be able to get around for it for three weeks. If he says he can't review it until January, then there is an actual disadvantage in applying late to be balanced with the benefits of that review (and I, like most people, would probably forgo the professor reviewing the PS). For most people, I think it would be unfortunate to choose applying in September versus applying in October, with a slightly more polished application (assuming there are small improvements that can be made).