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Job prospects question

Job prospects question
« on: July 19, 2007, 06:57:17 PM »
I am deciding between Villanova and Pitt (out of state). I can't believe I got in off ANOTHER WL today, but that's another story. :)

Here's my main question: Pitt is the "big dog" in its job market, but I have heard that Pittsburgh is an imploding legal market anyway.

Nova, on the other hand, is competing with Rutgets, Penn, etc (although I thought that Penn feeds the NYC/DC market more). But Philly has much more opportunity.

So which one comes out on top? (Feel free to correct any of my assumptions, too!)


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But Philly has much more opportunity.

The Philadelphia region is flooded with J.D.'s.  The head of career services at Temple implicitly admitted as much when he suggested that 3Ls who didn't have jobs look in places like Erie, PA and Mechanicsburg, PA (ok, maybe not those two towns exactly, but we were strongly encouraged to look in rural areas outside of the Delaware Valley).

'Nova is competing with Temple, Rutgers Camden, Widener Delaware, and Penn to a lesser extent (you are correct that most Penn grads go elsewhere).  Add in Drexel since they will graduate their first class in two years I believe. 

If it were me, I'd take Pittsburgh over 'Nova.  It's just too crowded here.


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Re: Job prospects question
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I would stay at Pitt, esp if you're not confident that you'll magna again.  "University of Pittsburgh School of Law" also has a nicer ring to it.

yeah, thats the best way to pick a school.

FWIW (which is a whole lot) Villanova has 91 firms OCIing;  Pitt has 43.
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Re: Job prospects question
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I'd go with Pitt. From what I understand Pittsburgh is generally desperate for people to live there. While the market isn't as big as Philly, there's much less competition and it's also a lot cheaper. Don't worry much about OCI since it's probably not going to be all that helpful unless you're at the very top of the class anyway.

Re: Job prospects question
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Interesting, I thought for sure someone would say Villanova. Thanks for the honest feedback!

Anyone else have thoughts on this topic? :)