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Retaking the LSAT


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Retaking the LSAT
« on: September 21, 2004, 06:55:40 PM »
I have a question about retaking the LSAT. Here is my situation. I took the LSAT in June with zero preparation and scored a 166. I know I should have done some prep, but at the time law school was just a thought and so I didnít put the time into it that I should have. I am interested in going to a top tier school and was thinking of taking the test again. My GPA is not all that great so I was hoping to bolster it with a high LSAT.

Here are my questions. If I do retake do the schools that I am applying to know about the new score if I apply before I retake. I am planning on applying in October and testing again in November or January. Do I have to submit an updated LSAT report for them to get the score or do they get it automatically. (I am somewhat worried about scoring lower.)

Also do you think retaking would be a good idea? I am a grad student and donít really have the time or money to do a lot of prep work, but could probably do couple of practice tests and crush up on my logic games. Can I accept a decent score increase since I would be familiar with the format and questions the test asks, even if I donít prep a whole lot?

Thanks in advance for any help.