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Unmarked PrepTests 39-50, Powerscore LR Bible, & more for sale on eBay

Hey guys, I have a lot of LSAT study materials for sale and words can't describe the great pleasure it would provide me to alleviate bookshelf space. 
FREE SHIPPING AND TRACKING NUMBERS for the first two listings!!
These are the three listings on eBay (I copied my listing info below).

Listing #1
Here's a chance to save a great deal on LSAT materials I was unable to use before my doomed test date!   Free UPS Ground shipping and will email tracking number!!!

For Sale:

    * Brand new copy of the The Official LSAT PrepTest #50 (September 2006).  This booklet has yet to have been open, so there are no markings whatsoever.

    * Free Bonuses:

          o Free Official LSAT PrepTests 39-49!!!!!!!!!
                + No Markings at all!
                + Complete Hard Copies (paper) of all the tests, no PDFs or other digital formats
                + Includes all Answers and score conversion charts
                + PrepTests 43-49 are bounded together, in order, for easier transportation and flipping through the tests
                + PrepTests 39-42 are individual as normal

          o     Free Ultimate Silent Timer Deluxe (Used)

                + Comes with CD-Rom containing User Manual
                + White paint is starting to peel off, but does not affect functioning at all

*I only accept PayPal*

Listing #2

Hello, here is part of my mass of materials I used to prepare for the LSAT and score in the top one percentile.  Although some of the included free texts and documents have markings, I'm sure they can still be of great usage to you (especially PT #39-49).

There is a lot of stuff, and some of it is very heavy, so I will send this through UPS Ground FOR FREE!!!!  I will also email you the tracking number when sent!

    * Powerscore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible
          o Good Shape, with wear around the edges; binding is in good shape
          o Review sections of certain question types are tabbed, along with other important sections
          o Blue Highlighting of some important parts
          o Light pencil markings

    * Powerscore LSAT Logic Games Ultimate Setups Guide
          o Never used, so binding is good, No Markings
          o Although not used, there are parts peeling around the spine, from spending 3 months in my car trunk (see pic)
          o Bottom lower right of front cover is gone (like a small bite), copyright page is slightly torn and wrinkled in front right cover

    * Nova's Master The LSAT
          o Includes CD-ROM
          o Pencil markings in 1st section (logic games) and 3rd section (Reading Comprehension)
          o The Logic Games section helped me greatly with complicated and rare games not really covered by Powerscore LG Bible; one of these games was on my actual LSAT
          o The Reading Comprehension section also helped me incredibly with strategies and reading techniques

    * Kaplan's LSAT 180 (2005-2006 Edition)
          o Also light pencil markings only in 1st section (logic games) and 3rd section (Reading Comprehension)
          o Great condition otherwise

    * The Official LSAT SuperPrep
          o Binding is cracked on first page of Reading Comprehension explanation section, but pages are all well still intact
          o One and a half sentences highlighted in blue (in Reading Comprehension explanation)
          o Pencil Markings on all 3 included PrepTests, with blue ink marking my wrong questions
          o Mainly used this book for the Reading Comprehension section and also the extensive answers to the 3 included, unreleased PrepTests


    * Official LSAT PrepTests #39-49
          o These all have pencil markings and blue ink marking my wrong answers, my own explanations
          o 39-42, 46-49 are all printed on only front pages, stapled together
          o 43-45 are printed on the front and backs of pages, stapled together
          o All answers and score charts are included with each individual test
          o See my other listing for all of these tests without any markings, because I did not have time to retake them.

    * Every single Logic Game from 10 Actual, 10 More, and Next 10, in a single binding.
          o These have been all cut out from the following three "10 actual, more, and next" books
          o The answers were obfuscated with ink, and then copied, to best hide the correct answers.  What I did was go over all of the games multiple times, while doing all of the setups and work in a separate composition book.  I'll include the comp book of my work, so you can kind of see how I did it.
          o The original setups are still visible, but it was easy for me to ignore them while going over the LG sections multiple times.  It looks kind of messy, but I was acclimated quickly and provided an easy, convenient way to go over all of the games multiple times (while I slacked in undergrad classes!)
          o I'll also be including the folder of all of the original cut out sections, which can be compiled again for your own usage.

***The following books have all of the Logic Games sections cut out (including any pages that were on the backside of any games), with the original cutouts in the aforementioned, included folder.   There are also pencil markings and blue ink marking my wrong answers, my own explanations

   1. 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests
   2. 10 More Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests
   3. The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests

Listing #3

Brand New The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT Preptests

    * Contains PrepTests 29-38
    * I originally purchased duplicates of all the PrepTest books, but I was unable to get to this book for round 2, therefore the book is New and there are No Markings whatsoever inside the book.