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Do you tell your number one choice that you have been accepted elsewhere?

I was wondering if I should tell my number one choice that I will be attending a higher ranked school but if given the opportunity, even up to the first day of classes, I would happily move back and attend?

Would this benifit me or hurt my chances?

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Stop posting the same message in different threads.

Actually, the school I got into is a T3.  I want to be pulled from a T4 waitlist?????  Should I mention to the T4 that I was accepted at a Teir 3 but would still go to the T4 if given the opportunity???

I don't see what it could possible hurt to tell a lower ranked school that you would go to it over a higher ranked one.  I don't know if it will necessarily help you out any, but I doubt it would hurt anything.

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I see why the answers were not so forthcoming, you could have done a better job with the title of the thread. Anyway, I think I would tell my number one choice what the deal is especially if its is ranked lower than a school where I have already been accepted. Did you get some money with it too? flaunt it, throw it in their face, let them know even with all the money and higher ranking, you'd rather be with them. I'm not sure how effective it will be though especially if the Tier 3 did not offer you any money.

Hmmmmm...I think I will.