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UVA Wait list

UVA Wait list
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It has officially started.  I guess at UVA they weed out from the bottom and accept from the top until the very last day and then they put the ones still left in the stack in the waitlist.  I was put in the general non-resident waitlist, the priority non-res has about a hundred and I am not sure about the res waitlist.  Appearantly they had over 4600 apps for the 200 non-resident spots open, over 30% higher than last year. They also said that the averages for those they admitted was 3.71 and 170.  The letter I got said they put me on the list but don't wait by the phone, we won't be calling.

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Any movement here?

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According to a post on xoxo, they have 377 second deposits--more than they wanted. Last year 369 1Ls enrolled, and in 2002 they had 350. So it's not looking good for those of us still on the wait list.

Lord of the Ding quoted a dean as saying, "I won't say there isn't a chance, but it is highly unlikely."


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On the resident general list.  Have not spoken to anybody higher than a admin office staffer, but that person said it was highly unlikely anybody would be taken, and anybody not on the priority can forget it.  I don't understand why schools put so many people on the WLs.  It does nothing but generate foolish expectations and cause people much time and money in making moving/financial plans.

For what it's worth, I spoke w/ an admissions dean at another top 20 this week and that person said that the Harvard admin director had left for vacation, which was apparently a signal that their class is done and there won't be much of a WL "ripple" from the top down.