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UC Hastings or Georgetown part-time


I posted it before but some may not know the Georgetown acronym, my bad.... Please post, I need perspectives.

Hey everyone I just got into Georgetown Evening Session from the wait-list.  I was planning to attend UC Hastings.  My interests are in Land Use, Zoning, etc.  These are state specific, so in state is good.  However CA market for lawyers is in the gutter so I'd take any edge in hiring.  

I'm from Cornell and used to the stodgy big name, and my friends don't know what Hastings is--which is annoying.  G-town is over 60K more debt, and possibly another year in school. Is it worth it?  I'm from Oakland and plan on staying in the bay area later.

Georgetown is not only a good solid reputable school but also boasts about their specialization programs (getting ready for Int'l Law) and others, you should at least give them a good once over just to find out where you stand in terms of loans but also in terms of income after you graduate (as opposed to UC-Hastings) plus compare evening class schedule with that of regular or evening schedule at UC Hastings (since you did not specifically say which one you were accepted to at Hastings).  Lastly, perhaps the fac that your friends haven't heard of UC Hastings is an awkward sign.  Maybe not one to consume just to relish... Hope this helps


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