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If i want to practice in California

Re: If i want to practice in California
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Isn't Kenneth Starr the dean of Pepperdine?

(read: sarcastic/ rhetorical)

How is this sarcastic?

I am sarcastically asking a rhetorical question because I think a law school making such a partisan political figure the dean (not to mention making him spearhead their "we-wanna-be-george-mason conservative philosophies) is a sure sign that pepperdine is a joke.  the end.

Oh, okay, so because you disagree with Starr's politics (and proven free-market economic philosophies), the school must be a joke.  Fair enough.

Using this reasoning, the fact that people who are more intelligent and educated than you disagree with the politics and philosophies at Yale is a sure sign Yale is a joke. 

Or maybe the reasoning is just flawed.  I honestly don't know.  ???