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Let's talk about printers


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Let's talk about printers
« on: July 11, 2007, 01:38:15 PM »
(I think we might need a technology subforum here)

Anyways, I'm switching from PC to Mac, and it appears that my four year old printer will not be able to make the switch with me. Apple is offering $100 rebates on several types of printers you can buy, but they are all of the ink-jet variety.

I've never owned a laser printer, but I'm thinking they may be preferable for law school purposes since they'll be better for resumes and lengthy documents and such. If I can settle for black & white, they're not too expensive. Would a laser printer be worth it over a free or very cheap (after rebate) ink-jet? If I went that route would a fairly inexpensive b&w laser printer be sufficient? (I see some on amazon for $99)

Any input from current law students who print stuff or laser printer people would be appreciated :)

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Re: Let's talk about printers
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2007, 01:45:14 PM »
Yes yes yes.  Go with a laser. 

* You shouldn't send out resumes printed on ink jets
* Actually, I wouldn't even hand in school work printed on an ink jet at this stage
* You will print a *lot* and will get very sick of waiting for the ink jet to keep up. 
* Really, those are the big ones

We have a pretty generous print allowance on-campus, but you'll thank me when you're rushing to turn in a LRW assignment or a take-home exam. ;D