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Law School Report and UGPA

Law School Report and UGPA
« on: July 08, 2007, 07:50:53 PM »
Hi. I am a bit confused as to how the law school report will show my ugpa? When law schools receive my law school report do they automatically organize it regarding gpa without reading additional information that you write regarding the gpa that shows? The reason I ask is because I am worried because during high school I took a few courses at a local jc to take care of high school requirements, but I didn't do so well in them. Since I've entered college I've gotten nothing but As and when I compute my gpa with the summer courses I took previously at the jc, it decreases my gpa by .15. Someone told me I can write additional information stating that my ugpa is 3.92 for example without those grades at the jc but I'm wondering how this affects me? I'm sorry if I am not being articulate enough in conveying what my question is.

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« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2007, 09:05:24 PM »
It's true that the report is going to be a condensed version of your transcripts, but I think it will still be much more detailed that what you are fearing. It breaks up your grades by year- so admissions offices will be able to see that since you have entered undergrad your grades have gone up. You will be able to see the report on once they have entered your transcript information into the system, so you will know exactly what the schools are going to see. As a heads up, don't be surprised if the numbers shown on the report are not exactly what you calculated. Each university averages grades differently, and the lsac works to balance it out so everyone is on an even playing field. If your school replaces D's and F's if you retake a class, or if you take a class for pass/ no pass, you may see a difference between your transcripts and the lsac report.

From the schools I have worked with all told me they look beyond just the numbers for every application they receive, and most claim to actually read each application cover-to-cover. You can of course mention the discrepancy in grades in your personal statement or possibly an addendum.

If you want to know the specific policies for the schools you are looking at I would strongly recommend visiting the school or attending a law school forum. Most schools don't interview, but they seem to always welcome visitors.

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Thank you for your reply. I know that law schools place heavy emphasis on the numbers, whether that be gpa or LSAT score.

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Re: Law School Report and UGPA
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Truth: they only care about recalc'ed gpa.  Anything else is at best a soft factor.

Adcoms don't care if the class you got a D in was advanced non-linear algebra in 9th grade.  They only care what the final gpa recalculation.  A person who did poorly in hard classes before entering undergrad is accepted long after the person who took easy classes and didn't enter JC/local college during HS.

Much the same way as a 4.0 in leisure studies from Podunk State University gets in well before the 3.7 MIT nuclear engineer.

Is it fair? Nope.  Is it 99.99% a numbers game with your lsdas gpa and lsat as the only relevant numbers anyway?  You bet.