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Checking the Native American box.

Re: Checking the Native American box.
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If you check Native american You better be able to prove it with documentation.  I'm 1/4 cherokee on both sides of my family but I never check Native American because I'm not documented.  If you can't prove it they will probably be a little upset.

I can prove it I just never took advantage of it.  I have talk to my grandmother to get the nemes of my ancestors.  Then I have contact the Cherokee Nation to see if thier names are on the membership rolls if so then I have to petition the Feds for Blood Documents stating that I'm Native American.

You don't have to look Native American to be Native American.  You just have to be honest with yourself and not be a racist prick.

How is it racist to call yourself N.A. if you consider yourself such, and actually have N.A. blood?

Re: Checking the Native American box.
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I don't think so.  either you are or you aren't.  People were murdered because of thier race.  People are murdered today because of thier race.  To some this AA thing is some sort of a game.  How much can they lie and get away with it.  They think its unfair thay can't take advantage of a system designed to soften past transgressions.  What they don't realize is that some of the people applying today have parents that were abused under an opressive system and still feel the pains of a racist society on the verge of genocide.

I'll simply note that whites were also murdered in the American west by native americans because of their race, and most people murdered today "because of their race" are also probably white.  Also not sure how genocide has cropped up anywhere around here in the 20th century.