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Can you have a school look at you application again if you were denied?

I have a question.  I have ok numbers...155 LSAT and a 3.3 GPA but for some reason was denied admission to Gonzaga.  At the time I didn't think much of it, but after looking at lsn I realize that people with much much lower scores were both admitted and waitlisted.  Is it possible to have them look over my application again?  I had great LOR's and one from an Alum of the law school.  I'm just very puzzled by this.  ??? Thanks!

Yep, checked everything.  I saw all of my LOR's and they were excellent.  I'm just stumped.


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Since you've already been rejected it won't hurt anything to ask them to review it again (assuming you don't plan on waiting a year and then applying).  But with that said, I've heard it's very, very rare for a school to overturn it's decision.
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It's the place.

I know that for undergrad, it was possible to "appeal" a decision.  I actually had a friend who did this at UBC, and ended up getting accepted after his appeal.  Ironically, he ended up not going there anyway.

But I don't know if law schools have an appeal option.  It might also only be restricted to public schools.

BTW, I am surprised you got rejected with those numbers.  Gonzaga is trying to bring their scores up, but you still seem well within their range.

I just wrote a short letter and sent it to admissions.  Chances are I will go somewhere this year and not apply there again so I don't have much to lose.  I just don't understand it!


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It happens.  I'm pretty sure they won't admit you after the fact unless they're having some catastrophic yield problems.  C'est la vie.  Move on.
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Yup, I did this with UCLA because I sent in a last minute LOR that I don't think they received before they rejected me.  I sent an "appeal" letter, and a couple weeks later they rejected me again.