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How do you report test-taking irregularities and is it worthwile to do so?

Who gives a *&^% about the essay section?

If this had happened during the actual exam, that might be worth nothing.  Given that it happened during the writing sample, which is essentially worthless, it's not worth worrying about.  Just be happy it didn't happen during the actual test.

P.S.:  Writing Sample =/= Essay =/= Personal Statement.  It is only used to ensure you don't drool on the page, and (rarely) to make sure you actually authored your personal statement, by comparing writing style.

As far as Karma goes, I whole heartidly believe in (and usually practice) it.  It's why I'm a vegetarian and why I vote for Democrats who offer some social justice in a system that usually favors the rich. 

Equality =/= Equity.

This thread is too long.

And annoying.
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This thread is too long.

And annoying.

Yeah no *&^%.  And the longness/annoyingness started with your post.  Because threads never get long and annoying before the 15th post.