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For those who took the LSAT, contemplated canceling, then scored a 170+

Your thread will solicit unrepresentative and anecdotal evidence that will, I believe, be of little use to you. Only you can guess how well you did on this administration.

Does Yale average LSATs or do they consider the highest? If the latter, I think canceling is the wrong decision. You'll put a lot of pressure on yourself for September and you'll always wonder how you did on this administration.

Knowing what I know from this post my advice is to grit your teeth and keep this score.

That said: I took and canceled last December's administration but my situation was different. I didn't even take the last two sections.

From what I know, Yale looks at both scores.  The website speaks rather equivocally of whether they actually average, but they do look at all scores (and cancels).

I guess I'm not so much hoping for people to tell me what to do; rather, I am asking whether people's scores were commensurate with their post-test confidence level (especially people that scored 170+).

Hank Rearden

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I second guessed myself for a few days after I took the test, but then finally I told myself that I had taken dozens of practice tests, so I had a good feel for how I did on any particular one.  My performance on the actual test I took (June 2006) felt *overall* just like my performance on practice tests I had been taking (getting consistently 7-9 wrong), so I stopped worrying about it, and in the end I got 8 wrong.  Big surprise.  In fact, my performance on the individual sections was almost exactly as I had predicted (I knew I had struggled on one LR section, done well on the other LR section, done OK on RC, and aced games).  In the end--minus 5 on one LR section, minus 0 on the other LR section, minus 0 on games, and minus 3 on RC.   


First time poster.

I would say don't cancel. I kind of feel the same way. The fact that you did so many practice tests and had consistent scores means that you probably did the same on this test. Don't psych yourself out with doubts and things and just wait for the score. If you cancel I think you will always be wondering what if and kicking yourself come September.

Also, it would be great to go to Yale but even with that score its no guarantee. If your goal is to get into one of the smallest and most exclusive programs thats fine but you have to be ok with it not happening. Once you get to that level of school it can be quite a crapshoot.

Thanks for the input - wouldn't it be nice if we could decide to cancel after seeing our score.  Maybe LSAC could allow us to pay an extra $100 for the opportunity. :)

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I felt pretty lousy after finishing the exam, but fortunately hadn't started posting regularly here (and therefore sidestepped the madness.)  I never really thought about cancelling, but I did expect a score considerably lower than what I got (172).  That was 99th percentile at the time (is it still?  dunno) and I figured that that was good enough for me.  I'm happy with how things have turned out. :D

As others have said, only you can honestly evaluate how the exam went.  If I was in your shoes?  I wouldn't cancel.