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Powerscore vs Kaplan, Princeton, Testmasters, etc.

Powerscore vs Kaplan, Princeton, Testmasters, etc.
« on: September 18, 2004, 08:48:23 PM »

Has anyone had experience with more than one of the LSAT Prep courses?  Is Powerscore the best or are there any "best kept secrets" out there?



Re: Powerscore vs Kaplan, Princeton, Testmasters, etc.
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Click on the "search" button & do a do a search & you'll find the answer to your question.

Powerscore & Testmasters are favored here amongst other places!

Re: Powerscore vs Kaplan, Princeton, Testmasters, etc.
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There's a lot of hype surrounding PowerScore and TestMasters, in large part due to these forums. When you look at the course offerings side by side, there are a few but important differences between them and the only other course I would consider, Princeton Review (Kaplan is always getting trashed in these forums so I never considered them). Dig past the hype and look closely at the nitty gritty details for each company. Call and ask them very specific questions.

I researched this a while ago and don't remember all the details, but here's what I do recall:

TestMasters: They have a compelling course offering but it's not the perfect solution that many people tout it to be. They talk a lot about their instructors' 99th percentile scores (nor as much on their instructors' teaching abilities). Also can have huge classes depending on where you live and don't give printed explanations, so if you need help you need to get it from an instructor, which is tough if you have a large class because there's only a half hour at the beginning for questions. Once you receive your course materials, you can't get a refund, even if the course hasn't started. So once I looked past the "TM is the best!!" mantra I found a lot of chinks in the armor.

PowerScore: Mainly well-known for the Logic Games Bible (definitely a great book), but I don't know much about their courses other than the fact they're mostly a TM clone. They don't have courses near me so I didn't look at them that closely.

Princeton Review: Recently revamped their course to bump up the number of hours, and added in-class workshops. They focus a lot on instructor training and have small classes. They also have a very good guarantee program. I was predisposed to PR because a friend of mine took them before they revamped the course and was very happy. When I spoke to people at PR they were also very friendly and helpful and very forthcoming with information. I got a very good feeling from them and was impressed with the improvements they've made. They are clearly aiming at competing more directly with TM. I have Cracking the LSAT and it's excellent.

All of the courses use the official LSAT tests, so that's not a factor.

I have not yet taken a course but will be taking PR's if I do take one.

Hope this helps...


Re: Powerscore vs Kaplan, Princeton, Testmasters, etc.
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Re: Powerscore vs Kaplan, Princeton, Testmasters, etc.
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From all of the discussions I have concluded it depends on the person.  However, this person will be taking PS in October.  The reasons:

1.  I am a left brained kind of person, so the deconstuction methods used in the LGB and LRB to explain the various kinds of questions really hit home for me.

2.  I thought very little of kaplan after purchasing their book.  Really only showed me how the overall test was conducted.  I will say that I do follow their RC method, but my understanding is RC cannot be taught no matter what course you take.

3.  I purchased the PR book...Cracking the LSAT.  Except for a few mantras they preach, I could not connect with their methods.

4.  I decided not to go with TM, because of class size and how they write up the materials for their classes.

5.  As I stated in an earlier post, I feel that PS and TM help students go for the gold (160's, 170's). I do not think that kaplan or PR can get you there.

6.  Those that are in the 90 percentile dont have to worry anyway!