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Serbian film


Serbian film
« on: May 29, 2007, 08:04:11 PM »
 I have been pulling my hair out trying to google the name of this movie I watched before, so maybe one of you movie nerds can help me. I assume this movie was somewhat popular because I watched it in class, but the basic premise is this:

A young unmarried couple is renting a tiny, tiny apartment from a screwed up family. The girl in this couple is upset because her husband is working all the time, and she gets her own job from an older man who never pays her for her work. The landlord family has a rebellious daughter who skips school and comes upstairs to smoked, a crazy ex-architect father whose name was I think Dragoljub, and a nosy mother who is obsessed with some TV show (something Ring... maybe Barbara's Ring?).

I know the probability is low that anyone has seen this or can find it, but it's driving me nuts trying to remember it and I've got nothing.

Oh, and another Serbian movie called No Man's Land is great, you should give it a look (you can DL it from mininova).