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Toledo vs. Cleveland Marshall

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This is all great stuff...I appreciate all the info on Toledo in response to my first post on this board.  I believe I will most likely end up at UT in the fall. Just to balance things out if possible, is there anyone who has chosen CM over Toledo? Why? Any reasons other than just wanting to attend law school in Cleveland? Additionally, anyone else accepted to the transitional program at UT?  Thanks again.

I was offered full tuition at Toledo but have chosen CSU instead with a $10k scholarship.  I live 30 min. from CSU and dont mind the drive (plus I took a visiting student class at CSU while in undergrad and liked the school).  I chose csu because everyone there has been, so so so helpful and knowledgeable.  I feel that when I'm looking for a job they would be a bit more of a help.  Not to get off the subject, but I talked to a case law senior and she said their career services and job placement department at case sucked!  Also, I met a grad of csu working at Jones Day and a senior partner who was a csu grad and told me he liked to hire csu grads also (at least thats what he said!).  They all said that if your staying in ohio CSU is your better bet and case is just overpriced and fluffed up.  But, if you plan on leaving the region go with the higher ranked school.  Anyways, my point is that csu has a really positive and strong regional rep. and rankings are really more helpful if your leaving the state.  To someone out of state rankings are probably the only concrete way of knowing the background of a school. My boyfriends mom is a judge and she hates the rankings and told me to save my money and go to csu.  She did and obviously it worked out for her.  Also, csu is on a kick to get their rankings up and the new dean is pretty set on it and it looks to be going good so far.  They really raised their bar passage rate.  I dont think Toledo is a bad school by any means, but keep in mind that if you decide to attend purely based on rankings, its still borderline and its possible it might drop back to t3 next year.  Bottom line, I would attend the school I feel comfortable with.  I'm from the cleveland area and know a bit about the school if you have any questions.