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working in a firm: what are you looking for?


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Re: working in a firm: what are you looking for?
« Reply #10 on: June 06, 2007, 11:44:03 AM »
PhilaGirl has hit it for what I'd like to say.

I'm used to having some time with my husband and once we have kids, I'd like to have some time with my kids. I don't mind working some longer hours... but the 80-hour-week wouldn't work well for me. Part of the reason we're trying to have kids NOW, before I start law school, is because I don't want to have a baby while starting a new career.

I'm definitely willing to trade off pay for quality of life and flexability; at 34, I really valeu it. At the same time,  I want to be able top pay off my inevitable loans and be able to be comfortable. I don't need to be rich, but enough to have a nice house and decent car and be debt free but for a mortgage.. Yeah. Telecommuting is very appealing.

Responsibility and training are also important., I like being able to make decisions and act on things, and I like having the authority to actually make the decisions without people ignoring me. (One of the frustrations of my current job -- it is essential to the company yet people ignore my requests because I'm not high enough on the food chain.)

The atmosphere and intellectual interest will keep me at a job. I'm still where I am now because I like my company and the people I work with. I'm not sure I want to make partner, but it really depends for me. I'd be totally happy working in-house more than anything else, but the right firm could keep me, as well.