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I'm still haven't heard anything...I did email the admissions office last week and got this reply.

"This week they did offer a few seats to the waitlist (I believe it was 4).  I am not sure if any of them have responded to accept the offer. 

If these people do not accept the offer, I would guess that we go to the waiting list again in a couple of weeks.  It also depends on how many current admitted students decide to drop out of the class at this point."

So I guess they are using the waitlist, just very sparingly. I can't decide whether or not to stay on the waitlist anymore...if not Iowa, I'm pretty much set on going to Kent...

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Cool, thanks for the info. 

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Any news?

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Just got a letter today from Iowa thanking me for my patience and notifying me that they are unable to offer me admission. Had I done just a couple points higher on the LSAT I'd be gold. (kicks self) (kicks self) (kicks self)