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Author Topic: Bubba Clinton & Belinda Stronach."there's a lot we're not tellin' mrs. clinton."  (Read 1002 times)

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Bill and Belindaís excellent adventure 
But Clintonís new, er, friendship isnít helping his wifeís presidential aims, writes eric reguly
As potential girlfriends go, Belinda Stronach would rank as a true catch. She is single, youngish (she just turned 40), attractive, wealthy, impeccably well-connected and politically ambitious - glamorous in every respect. Two years ago, Time magazine listed her as one of the 100 most powerful people on the planet. The tabloids cut to the chase: they called her the "blonde bombshell" or "Bubba's blonde."

Bubba, of course, is Bill Clinton. He has been photographed with Stronach (right) several times. The sightings seem to be getting more frequent, leading to
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Haha.  This probably isn't the best time for Bill's other girls to be making front page news. 

She's politically abitious?  That seems to be the one card Bill knows how to play.  Maybe she'll take Hilary's spot as Sen. of NY.