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FIFA Football T14


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FIFA Football T14
« on: May 16, 2007, 03:57:37 PM »
World Football Rankings:

1) Italy
2) Brazil
3) Argentina
4) France
5) Germany
6) Netherlands
7) Portugal
8 ) England
9) Spain
10) Czech Republic
11) Ukraine
12) Croatia
13) Cameroon
14) Scotland

England is easily the most  overrated T14 country. Thoughts?,2548,All-May-2007,00.html


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Re: FIFA Football T14
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2007, 04:50:18 PM »
I don't know if England should be #8, but they belong in the top #14 for sure, I think.  Who else would you put in there?  Sure they've had trouble putting together a world cup winning team, but they still almost always make it into the quarters (top eight), and they do have the players capable of taking them to #1.

I think that Ukraine and Scotland don't belong.  Ukraine is a one man team (Shevchenko) and Scotland, well haha, frankly I don't know any player worthy of mention from that team.  Spain may be ranked to high, too (they always under-perform), but again, it's a question of who else would you put in their place.  I think that they also have players who are capable of taking them to #1 sometime soon.

I would like to see Poland in there (personal bias  ;D).  They've been doing very well in the EURO 2008 qualifying.

Don't advertise your ignorance...

Scotland has a great team.

Both GK on the Scotland Squad are excellent (Gordon and McGregor) -- better than any GK on the English team...

Then we've got:

Gary Caldwell - Celtic F.C.
Jackie McNamara - Wolverhampton
Gary Naysmith - Everton
Steven Pressley - Celtic F.C.

Barry Ferguson - Rangers F.C.
Paul Hartley - Celtic F.C.

Kris Boyd - Rangers F.C.
Kenny Miller - Celtic F.C.

ALL of these players are among the best at their position in the British game.