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Grades dropped, submit new transcript or no?

Grades dropped, submit new transcript or no?
« on: May 08, 2007, 02:25:15 PM »
After I sent in my applications i was waitlisted at my dream school.  My grades dropped this semester (I think I have a 3.1 this semester and I usually have a 3.5).  My WL school claims that there is "probably not" anything an applicant can do to increase his or her chances of getting off the WL, but you are "certainly welcome to submit your spring 2007 grades". 

My question is this: do most people send in their spring grades that are on a waitlist?  Will it look bad if i don't send mine (like I'm hiding something)?  Or will it just be no big deal, becuase only some people submit them?  It's not like I got a bunch of C's or anything, but I just don't know if not sending it would hurt my chances.

Any advice would be so helpful!