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Do not go to Villanova Law School


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For all of you who are considering Villanova Law School,  I would like to disuade you from doing so.  I have never been so poorly treated by an admissions staff in my life.  They were dishonest, pompous, and rude.  If you are looking for a law school community that is kind, and willing to help you, then this is not the school for you.  I hope everyone will think twice before applying to this law school.

Where is Villanova anyway? So that I can steer clear of their misconceptions. ;D

Philadelphia - close to the "Main Line" - it's a nice area, for Philly, that is.

Villanova may be in a nice area outside of Philadelphia, however I would not recommend the law school to anyone.  Thier admissions staff is awful and the only thing they are concerned with are their "numbers" so if you don't have a GPA or LSAT score in their %75 percentile don't even bother sending in your application!

I will definitely head those warnings when filling out my apps. Thanks a bunch you guys/gals.


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