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Anyone registered for the December St. John's SI lsat?


and went through hell?

Dec 6 - snowed out
Dec 13 - moved to NEWARK NJ...morning of the test, we were told we couldnt take it
Dec 20 - took it at wagner college


i hope there was a class action suit against the LSAC for that

blizzard of ozz:
that sucks, i took the one at CSI. it was still snowed out the 6th. i think the makeup was the 20th. that cancellation really f*cked up my ability to get applications out on time, since i  had planned to have all my apps the week after the LSAT and instead had to get them out while I was still studying.

it all worked out for the best though in my case. i'm really glad i didn't register for St. John's now that i heard this. i picked CSI since i figured i could get there by public quicker if anything went wrong.

i remember checking the LSAC's webpage like a thousand times the night before until they cancelled. i was just hitting refresh constantly for several hours.

are you from staten?

drop me an IM: woahitslizzy

blizzard of ozz:
yep, from SI, south shore. i'll drop you a line. My AIM is nothing like my board screenname and has the word "jew" in it, just so you don't have that WTF is this moment if i AIM.


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