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FIU vs Miami

Re: FIU vs Miami
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Maybe in 20 or 30 years this should be question. Right now this shouldn't even be a question.  UM is an easy choice.
FIU has absolutely no name recognition outside Miami.It is debatable that they even have a name in Miami.
I love how people always think because a school is cheap that makes it a great school. This is nonsense. Just because FIU is cheap does not mean it will improve your career options.

FIU as of now has pretty poor career options. Their employment rate at graduation is less then 50%. Also that is with extremely small classes. Imagine if FIU had a class of over 400 like UM. Their employment rate at graduation would probably be 10-20%. Sure having a lesser amount of loans is fine, but try paying them off with no job.

Here is another indicator. OCI interviews. These stats are misleading because not all employers report it and some employers don't even show up.

FIU is 38
UM is 154

And I have heard at FIU they don't actually show up, they just collect resumes.

In sum, FIU career options are very poor. You may have less loans, but most likely if you even have a job a graduation it will be a much lower paying job. Plus you probably will confine yourself to having to work in Miami. A UM degree does not limit your options to just Miami.

I would go to UM and not even think twice.

To me the only schools in Florida I would even consider would be UF, UM, FSU, and to a lesser degree Stetson.

Definitely a valid argument and the obvious argument for Miami.  I don't think you can jump to those conclusions that 10-20% of students would be employed at graduation with a bigger class size, however.  In fact, I would go as far to say that many more than the 43% reported have jobs.  Now that we are actually ranked T3 with ABA approval, I think our deans are going to push harder for our graduates to fill out the employed forms. 

Now that we have ABA approval, topped the bar exam list and moved into the new building, i'd like to see the reported numbers on next year's USNWR before jumping to those conclusions that we have "poor employment options." 

However, your statements about Miami are valid and that degree definitely travels. No one is arguing that Miami isn't the best school in Miami.

21.4% employment rate in the latest US News...ouch.