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Does combining LSAT prep techniques help or harm you?


Re: Does combining LSAT prep techniques help or harm you?
« Reply #10 on: March 19, 2004, 10:22:22 AM »

The following is a re-post of a message I posted earlier in this topic.  Answer the damn questions, please.  :-*

I have an okay score on my practice LSAT exams, but I want score 170+ on the real deal.  I cannot get to a testing center, except Kaplan's, whose methods are of no use to me, since I only need to improve my LR/RC score, not games.  I have, repeatedly, scored perfectly on the games section, but I run out of time before I can answer all of the LR/RC questions.  I have taken a couple of un-timed exams: on the first one I scored a 168; on the second one I scored a 177.  I know I am not stupid, but I, evidently, waste too much time and have to rush through the last couple of questions.  Since I can't get to a testing center, I was hoping to self-study.  TestMasters/ScorePerfect will allow me to purchase the classroom course materials at half the cost of the course.  But I am not sure of TestMasters credibility.

So, I have a question for jfbruin and anyone else who took TestMasters (or ScorePerfect, if in Texas):

1A. Would you recommend TestMasters?

1B. If so, do you think it was it the classroom course that helped you, or do you think that you would have done as well with just the study guides/books?

1C. If you think the classroom portion increased your score more than the books alone would have,  by how many points do you think you would have increased if you just used the course materials?

2. Also, did TestMasters help you with the LR/RC portion of the LSAT?


Re: Does combining LSAT prep techniques help or harm you?
« Reply #11 on: March 22, 2004, 09:13:09 AM »
If you scored 177 on your second test, you are brilliant, and would benefit very little from any test prep program.  Less then 2 out of every 1000 LSAT takers get a 177, which is even more remarkable considering you did not put in extended preperation yet.

Buy some actual LSATs and take as many as you can under timed conditions.  this will help you to get your timing down.  obviously, you dont really need help with any of the questions or question types.  When I began test prep i was only missing an average of 10 questions on the 3LR/RC sections combined.  i went thru every test prep resource you can think of, and found only marginal benefit with the NOVA book.  with your score, you will be in the same boat, and will have more to gain from practice, identifying question types you can miss, and timing.  The timed practices has improved my performance on the RC/LR sections considerably.

I would also try to read as much as you can (outside of test prep), to improve your reading speed, wich will help your timing on these sections.

seriously, unless the 177 was a fluke, you would be better served to save your money, and go buy 30 actual LSATs off of LSDAS for 90 bux.