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Author Topic: Hypothetical situation: Temple or American?  (Read 220 times)


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Hypothetical situation: Temple or American?
« on: April 25, 2007, 05:32:14 PM »

Alright, I'm currently wait listed at American WCL (in at Temple) so this is a hypothetical. But anyway...

I'm interested in Int'l Law. So much so that I applied to the dual degree program at American for the JD/MA in International Affairs. I was accepted at American SIS (School of International Service) and I'm hoping once WCL realizes this they will take me off the wait list (they'd be squeezing a beautiful penny out of me). I know that American has a superior reputation for Int'l Law and Int'l Affairs, but the primary advantage is that they offer this dual degree program.

But here's the problem. To complete the dual degree program you must get your JD with a focus on Int'l/Comparative Law, get the MA in Int'l Studies, and you must be proficient in a foreign language. I only speak a tiny bit of Spanish and that's the extent of my bilingualism.

So, in the event that I get off the wait list at WCL, would it even be possible for me to accomplish all 3 of these requirements in the time required? If not, since Temple will cost less, would it be worth the additional cost to attend WCL? And finally, based on law schools alone, how would you compare the two?

Any help is appreciated.
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