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Rutgers-Newark Class of 2010

Rutgers-Newark Class of 2010
« on: April 24, 2007, 11:32:32 AM »
So it looks like I'll be headed back home to North Jersey in the fall!

Who else is with me?  Where are you from?  Where will you be living?  Why'd you choose RU-N? 

Look forward to meeting some of my future classmates...

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You are quick!

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My fiance and I are making the treck out from Seattle. We're hoping to find a place in downtown Jersey City, or possibly nearby campus for the first year at least. Hoboken would be fun, but we aren't counting on being able to find an affordable place to live there.

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Well, I've already posted a bunch in the NJ threads but I want to do gov't work and the tuition and philosophy of Rutgers makes it a good fit for me.  Slightly non-trad, criminal justice and law enforcement work.

My biggest problem now is leaving Brooklyn for New Jersey.

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I guess I forgot to give my info:

I'm 22, coming straight from undergrad.  Originally, Rutgers was ranked 11 out of 11 on the schools I applied to.  I really didn't give it much of a chance though, and bought into the poor-ish rankings/newark/weather talk. 

After I visited the school, I was pleasantly surprised.  I was expecting NO campus, awful area, mediocre building, since I know what Newark can be compared to, but that was definately not the case.  Most urban universities do not even have a campus ( I would know, i go to one in Philadelphia), but Rutgers actually did have a decent, albeit limited area in the biggest city in New Jersey.  The surrounding area is not great, but nothing near what people have been describing it as. 

Regardless, the law center is where I'll be spending most of my time, and it was undoubtedly the best building I've visited.  (Brand new, great class rooms/ moot courts, library, study areas)

When it came down to it, Rutgers made the most sense for me.  It's located in the region I'd like to work, its inexpensive, and it has a strong reputation both in NJ and NYC.  And i guess you just can't underestimate some good homemade pasta on Sundays when home is a short drive away...

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i'll quite possibly be there if i can find an affordable room in jersey city or hoboken. i am gonna be searching from the midwest and it's gonna be tough.

+ for me are

it's affordable.
close to ny
don't need a car
good faculty despite ranking
the amount and quality of firms interviewing on campus (per nalp) is as good as it gets for a school of this ranking.


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Hey guys, dont want to spam your thread, but we got a new professor here who taught at Rutgers-Newark since 2000.  I was wondering if there was a way for me to talk to one of you about potentially being able to find some old exams and whatnot from your archives.  Feel free to PM me or just reply in your thread if you like.


Actually, I have the same class with TTT..  so um..  if any of y'all want to PM me too about it, I'd really appreciate it.  :-*

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If New Brunswick isnt too far a commute for some of you folks looking to go to Rut newark, just a train ride away, then it should be easy for you to find reasonable housing in that area. 

The Rutgers NB campus just opened a new dorm that has freed up alot of the rentals available there.  Property owners would much rather rent to grad students, law students, or employees of the two hospitals in the area than the kids that are having their first "away from home experience."  So that alone gives you a leg up.

Now that the new dorms are open the vacancy rate has just gone up a little for these people and a vacany is bad for the bottom line... especially if they bought the house recently.

The other nice thing about NB, if you plan on having a life out side of school, is that you can take the train to just about anywhere from there, the beach, the cities, NY, Phil, Newark, Hoboken, and since it is a college town there are bars as well as higher brow entertainment.  Restaurants from low to high end, vegetarian options and almost every ethnic option you could hope for.

For the sports fans theres a competitive college football team if your a cfb fan, an independant league baseball team in an adjacent town for those die hard baseball fans (super cheap), and all the sports of the NYC area, 2 pro football teams, 2 pro basketball teams, 3 pro hockey teams, I'm pretty sure theres a soccer team, isn't that sad. There's both an American league and a National league baseball team, which is perfect if you'll miss your favorite team while your away at school every team is guaranteed to come in for at least one series a year... all just a train or bus ride away.

Then there are the buses (local public transportion is rare in NJ) that run all around the 3 college campuses and just about everywhere in between, I believe theyre free.

Should I work for the chamber of commerce or what?