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Author Topic: Any future UofM 1L's looking for an apartment?  (Read 283 times)


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Any future UofM 1L's looking for an apartment?
« on: April 19, 2007, 03:56:04 PM »
this apartment just opened up and i would trust this landlord with my firstborn child. he's incredible and the location is set off-campus by about 15 minutes next to the nursing school for google mapping purposes.

description: " It is on the top floor with a nice balcony view of the valley behind the building and is very nice inside too. The current students have been there for 3 years and trying to get in Phram. school so I am trying to roll with them and the previous tennants stayed for 3 years until she completed her Phd and moved to Atlanta."

great square footage and reasonable rent. let me know if you're interested.  it's not my place and i'm not getting paid for this, he's just an awesome guy who helped me out when my own landlord sucked.  it's a building of condos that are rented out and he owns 9/10 of them with another property group owning 1-2... he had no reason to do some of the great things he did but he did and i feel like people would be privileged to rent from him.  thanks.
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