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They don't request a deposit until June. They said they understand that other schools request it earlier and don't want to add to student's financial burden. Each month I have to fill in an letter of intent though. If you haven't accepted yet, they ask you to fill in why (i.e. considering offers or waiting for responses and from what schools). Seems very fair and considerate. Unfortunately, they don't offer travel stipends as some other schools do, but at least they don't get non-refundable deposits out of people who may never attend...


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what is the Loyola intranet, Where did you find the explanation of grades?

I can answer the first question. The Loyala intranet is a network ste up by Loyola that includes all of their computers in one big group that personally shares a private internet connection that is closed off to outside machines (AKA intranet) internet is between user network interface and intra-net means among (within) user network interface.
Hope this helps, sorry can't answer the other question...