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IMUS and Gangsta Music Are Killing Our Children (let the dismantling begin)

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A&Rs, Gangsta Music Are Killing Our Children

Published: Tuesday - April 10, 2007
Words by Freddiebeatz (

 Confiscated guns and drugs

Are the A&Rs scared to reject a gangsta rapper's demo when they reveiw it or get approached by them in desperate manner to get a music contract? Are the A&Rs that ignorant to keep signing gansta rappers after the market is flooded with this detrimental music? We know children are influenced by what they hear and see. Can we all admit that this music is influencing our children and in a negative way? Do the A&Rs think that everybody loves this music? It's not how hip-hop originated that's for sure.

The majority of hip-hop -- when it originated -- reminisced of political and social issues, and about how one crew was "badder" then the other, and about dissin' a crew who you had beef with... and settled it with a hip-hop battle as breakers and up rockers battled on the dance floor, and like wise DJs battling each other on the turntables. Hip-hop has turned into a medium for gangstas and drug dealers to vent. If this is not the case then let me come at you from another angle.

I stated earlier that children are very influential and they learn from what they see and hear. And let me add that ole' saying that from age comes wisdom and children don't know everything and it's up to adults and parents, elders, schools and the community to raise kids to be responsible productive intelligent people. There is no magic pill for this! Children need to learn through being taught! (The ole scool of hard knocks).

Now that I made my mommy and daddy speech let me throw some more ish at the A&R. Why in the hell do the A&Rs keep signing these gangsta oriented, wet behind the ear young bucks to their labels? If gangsta music is really hot like that then sign some true O.G.s in the game -- someone worthy of starring on "Miami Vice" (as the bad guy) or on "America's Most Wanted," someone with a REAL story to tell. (we can all learn from Tookie Williams, a real O.G. turned good).

Every gangsta rap song usually can be broken down into these verses:

1. I'll kill you / how you would do it
2. Describe the amount of guns, and type of gun(s) you have
3. I sell more drugs than you
4. I chop up, cook up, bag up drugs
5. I got more jewelry than you
6. My jewelry is more expensive than yours (usually not true, just a wishful thinking)
7. My car is better than yours
8. The type of expensive you have (usually not true, just a wishful thinking again)
9. f-ing females (a.k.a bitches) - blatant disrespect to females
10. Describe how girls are only good for or used for sexual pleasure

That is your typical gangsta rap song in a nut shell people. Stick to these topics and your likely to be signed.

Young under privileged rappers don't know a lot, A&Rs need to stop putting them on a pedestal and giving them the green light to say anything they want (much of it nonsense, you need to mature to realize this). Maybe the A&Rs aren't mature enough to distinguish good hip-hop from bad hip-hop. ENOUGH with the young immature gangsta rappers.

Let me let the A&Rs off the hook for a second. Could this flooding of gangsta rap in our community be another ploy to keep our people down. Has the CIA and the FBI and "big brother" come up with another master plan to keep our people down? (Please read the Willy Lynch Papers... this ish is real). It happened for 300+ years. These law enforcement agencies have a long history of infiltrating organizations or people they feel threatened by such as the Black Panthers. I feel this argument is just as powerful as blaming the A&Rs for pumping the community full of terrible music that REINFORCES children to hate and kill each and try to solve their problems by selling drugs.

The conscious, intelligent, educated and positive MCs are not getting there fair share of the radio airplay and record contracts. Why not? We love good music, not just good gangsta music. Old school pioneers are kicked to the curb.

This article is not meant to be taken totally serious, but if there is one shred of truth in this piece or it has raised an eye-brow that it has served its purpose, then my job was accomplished.

gangsta rap is about the most vile form of music out there but not by a lot. Punk rock and death metal are also pretty offensive to the ears.

Hip Hop slang is common these days, hence the imus statement. 

! B L U E WAR R I O R..!

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wonder what sharpton is doing about this today?

he's probably trying to order fried chicken at angelo maxie's steakhouse.