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to law school or not to law school

to law school or not to law school
« on: April 15, 2007, 11:36:36 AM »
hi all, as the nature of my username and subject title exist, i'm about as conflicted as they come on debating whether or not law school is an option for me. my interests lie in human rights, environmental ethics and international trade practises.  i have NO idea if law school is for me. the reasons being that i'm a) a horrendous test taker b) i have a really low GPA (3.2). maybe i'm just selling myself short i don't know. but i do have really great international work experience as well as some legal advocacy experience. 

i'd like to accomplish alot but don't know if law school is necessarily the place to achieve it through.

anyway, would love to hear anybody's thoughts. thanks and as a newcomer to this list-serve, i am so excited to be able to share and voice my concerns.

i forget to mention that i am a woman and come from an ethnic minority group