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MP's Thread, or how to get paid $75K to sit around: also known as UChicago 2010

OK move, depending upon your RB situation and league point structure. Definitely made your RB situation less risky; Johnson has a low standard deviation on rushes per game, so you know what you're going to be getting each week. Normally RBs on overperforming teams from the year before are bad bets because RBs thrive in the 4th quarter when the winning team is looking to milk the clock, but the Titans were careful to save him for when he was needed, so his numbers look legit. And trading Brees now is definitely a "sell high" situation.

But: Warner's production could fall off a cliff at any time given his age and injury history. There's a good chance that Carson Palmer is going to be your QB by late in the season, which is fine, and they should be down in games a fair deal so there should be passing yards there, but the injury situation is real there as well, and the Bengals don't have the weapons on offense they used to. All in all, I'd say a good trade if you had a major hole in your first RB position, but if he's just your number two, you may be exposing yourself to too much risk. At the very least, I'd look to add Matt Leinart as insurance if you can spare the bench space.

That's a rock solid analysis.  Good work.  I am worried about both Warner and Palmer, but I figure that at least one of them will put up consistent numbers throughout the season.  Coincidentally, Ochocinco is also on my team, and I expect to see him get many passes because of the Bengals' otherwise weak receiving corp.

I had a gaping hole at RB.  I drafted tenth out of ten and picked Brees.  The other nine players took the RB studs like Chris Johnson, Turner, and Peterson.  By the time I got the twentieth pick, I had to settle for Joseph Addai.   :-X

My TE is Greg Olsen, however.  And I have Ochocinco, Houshmandzadesh, Eddie Royal, and Desean Jackson.

Why didn't you pick until the 20th? Almost all leagues institute a snake draft, so pick 10 gets pick 11 as well, then doesn't pick again until 30 and 31. If you had to pick at the end of the round every time, you're dead already, no matter how well you drafted.

I'm thinking of doing an auction draft this year with a $100 buy in and 12-16 players. I've never done an auction league, but it seems like there's more strategy that goes into it than with a normal draft.

I dunno.  This was a custom league on ESPN. 

I've done a mock auction draft.  It's really hard and really strategic.  You can overbid early and die with a flurry of late $1 picks to fill up your roster.

I did an auction draft for Fantasy Baseball.  I liked it - everyone blew their wad early and I got some great pickups late.

Nelson Cruz for $1!
Juicy: UChicago

It sounds so reasonable when you say it.


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January of 2011?  Nearly two years after graduation?  Wow.

Clairel: can you suggest what to do and what not to do in interviews?

i did a video-taped practice interview and it was really helpful...i learned the "death knell" questions and i got to see my style on tape. plus, it was an confidence boost when she said that i'd be fine.

have a reason for bidding where you are (i had lots of california connections...i bid on chicago as a secondary market and didn't do as well). be enthusiastic and try to sort of copy the interviewer's style; some of them are very energetic and some are less so. be prepared to answer the standard questions: "why did you go into law", "why did you choose chicago", "where do you see yourself in 10 years", "why [this firm]". don't ask about part-time options. 

plus those who are deferred are actually being paid to NOT work, so i wouldn't be too concerned.  ;D

In case people don't know, the current who worked where list is on chalk

In case people don't know, the current who worked where list is on chalk

Pretty impressive, IMO.  I'm surprised by how many people are at places like Munger, Wachtell, Kirkland -- and not necessarily all of them on LR.


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Pretty impressive, IMO.  I'm surprised by how many people are at places like Munger, Wachtell, Kirkland -- and not necessarily all of them on LR.

There are some great firms on the list for sure--Munger, Wachtell, Kellogg, Susman, Kirkland--very inspiring.

PS: Everyone at Munger is on Law Review.

XOXO pwns us in the humor category, as per usual.