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Some questions about McGill L.L.M and general LS admission

Some questions about McGill L.L.M and general LS admission
« on: April 11, 2007, 01:19:56 PM »
I have looked at their admission website and they said the LLM program prefers applicants with a Bachelor background in Law or equivalent area of studies. I am currently an undergraduate engineering student at McGill. Will that shun the door for me to apply for the LLM program? Also, I heard the LLM program requires no French at all. Is that true?  and btw as I am finishing up my first year, I have some questions about getting into law with a degree not related to the profession.

1. What kind of extra-curriculars and how much ECs do they expect? Do I have to have leadership positions? Does it hurt or not help at all if I am involved in most technical ECs (Solar team, engineering design, research etc)? Since engineering program has stringent credit requirement, I don't have much flexibility to take extra humanity courses and get involved in lotz of ECs as a result, how do I cope with that?

2. Question about Letters of recommendations (LOR). Is it recommended that a non-engineering person write LOR for me ? And what role does LOR from an engineering prof play in LS admission?

3. As for LSAT, when is the best time to start preparing? This summer perhaps or after 2nd year?

4. What kind of financial aid do they offer for Canadian citizens outside Quebec? I mean beside those government fundings and loans, do they offer you tuition waivers or the similar kind of FA?

I know my questions may be a bit long but being an engineering undergrad really adds the complexity of gaining admission into LS. Anyone with an engineering degree looking for LS can help or someone with similar experience. Thanks a ton

Re: Some questions about McGill L.L.M and general LS admission
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2007, 08:10:57 PM »
You won't get into the LLM program at McGill with an engineering undergrad.  An LLM is a MASTERS of law.  McGill isn't going to let you into their LLM program without you having a legal background from another country or an LLB from Canada.  Your best option is to apply to McGill's LLB/BCL program which will allow you to practice law throughout Canada and parts of Europe upon graduation.

1)  ECs are important but they are very specific to the candidate.  Leadership is good, technical ECs are nice, pretty much do whatever ECs you are genuinely interested in.

2)  LORs aren't nearly as important as applicants believe.  Try and get them from the most reputable professors possible.

3)  You don't need to write your LSAT to gain entry to McGill law but it will help if you score well (and conversely hurt if you do badly).  In order for your LSAT score to really benefit you in applying to McGill I'd aim for a 165+.  Lots of engineering students have serious problems with the LSAT so I would advice that you start preparing at least 6 months in advance, although this depends on your personal strengths.

4)  I don't think McGill offers much in the way of financial aid.  Tuition is ridiculously low and you shouldn't have any problems paying for your entire education on government student loans if need be.

The general range you should be aiming for stats wise to get into McGill is around a 3.6+ / 165.  I think you may have some leeway in terms of GPA given the generally lower averages coming out of programs such as engineering.

Hope that helps. Good luck!