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Writing to see if there are any posters on the site who have considered - or, are in the process of completing - a joint JD-PhD. I'm considering two programs for a joint JD-PhD in philosophy. However, I've been accepted to a higher ranked law school where a joint degree would not be possible. I'd like to know what people think is the feasibility of a joint degree program, whether it interferes with career prospects post law school (like clerkships, etc.). Any input is welcome.

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I actually applied for Jd/PhDs in philosophy this year.  I ended up not getting into any of the PhD programs, and so I'm just going to law school next year (probably Duke, unless I get into U of Chicago very soon).  Anyway, I don't think a JD/PhD can hurt career prospects in any significant sense, although it may seem to in the short term.  You can't do the typical 2nd year clerkship and 3rd year offer, because you're going to be in school for 6-7 years.  However, after you finish both degrees you should be more marketable, not less, particularly if you want to go into teaching. 

Since I didn't get into any philosophy PhD programs, my plan now is to just do lawschool and then take another crack at a PhD afterwards.  Good luck to you.