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I'm the only one playing this game...and I'm losing.


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I'm the only one playing this game...and I'm losing.
« on: April 05, 2007, 09:21:45 AM »
Ok all,

This seems like a place populated with high/over-achieving types. I would put myself in this category. I'm getting my ass kicked this cycle, so much so that I am probably not even going to be attending this year. That said, I can't stop competing with friends/peers in my head. I have an ex gf who will be graduating from law school this coming year, an old buddy who will be doing the same, and my best friend is probably going to b-school this coming year. I'm a software developer. I make more than the national average salary, yet I can't help feeling like a total failure because of people like the aforementioned. My buddy and my ex will both probably be making significantly more than me when they graduate. The buddy can kindly be described as a moral sinkhole and the ex is THAT ex. I want to think I am a better person than both of them, but I keep tying my self-worth to dollars and cents. With my best friend, its a good natured competition, but I still feel like I am losing even though he's never said a word about it and is very gracious about the whole thing.

Here's the real question, can anybody tell me how to stop constantly competing in my head?