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Does anyone have any insight on Ohio State?  It's one of the highest ranked schools I got into...but I'm worried that by going there I'll pretty much be forced to take a job in Ohio (I'm from D.C.).  Does Ohio State have good placement rates elsewhere in the country?

Joshua Dressler:
I assume this very late message comes too late to be of any help for you....  But, the answer is definitely yes, OSU Moritz College of Law graduates find jobs all over the country (and we have one who will be clerking for the United States Supreme Court beginning in the fall).

Professor Dressler:

Welcome to the board.  You're "Understanding Criminal Law" book was a great resource to me first year.  Thanks for the clarity.


Joshua Dressler:
Thanks.  I just discovered this site.

And, of course, thanks for the kind words about UCL.  

What were your numbers?...I am interested in Ohio State.


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