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Post your review for these Prep Materials:


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Post your review for these Prep Materials:
« on: April 04, 2007, 12:00:23 AM »

Everyone post a review for the materials you are using/have used from this list:

LSAT SuperPrep by LSAC
LSAT 180 by Kaplan
Nova's Master the LSAT
Any of the Preptests sold by LSAC separately

And any other materials you have used that are either totally worthless or so good they're worth overnight shipping charges.

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Re: Post your review for these Prep Materials:
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2007, 12:08:32 AM »
In my opinion the Powerscore LG Bible is worth the relatively high price. I imagine the LR and RC books are similar. Get those and a bunch of current, official preptests and you should be good to go.


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Re: Post your review for these Prep Materials:
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2007, 01:23:52 AM »
I bought the Logical Reasoning Bible, Logic Games Bible, and preptests. I may also buy superprep for further practice and Nova's Master the LSAT. I hear it has the best help for reading comprehension.
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Re: Post your review for these Prep Materials:
« Reply #3 on: April 05, 2007, 01:58:35 AM »
LSAT 180 has some hard questions, but the explanations aren't very useful as far as applying general concepts to future tests.  The LSAT Workout book does a much better job of using really tough material, explaining it, and providing the more abstract concepts you need to apply to the real test.

Re: Post your review for these Prep Materials:
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2007, 05:57:50 AM »
SuperPrep - It has 3 practice tests that are useful; I would recommend this book maybe two weeks before the test. Since the info is from LSAC and recent, the practice in this book will be most similar to the actual LSAT.

I've only heard rave reviews about PowerScore Bibles (especially the Games and Logic). I've also heard good things about Kaplan's 180.

I have a Barron's practice book and people have given it mixed reviews. I like it because first of all, the book is cheap and second, there are 6 practice tests. Although they are not "official LSAC" tests, the scores I get on Barron practice tests are pretty consistent with what I've been getting on the real LSAC practice tests, but be forewarned that the Games are more difficult in Barron's than on the actual test.

Take as many of the LSAC practice tests that you can! Don't bother taking the really old ones, I think like 1-18?...but anything after that is gold. I actually found all of the official practice tests online in another messageboard and downloaded them so I saved loads of money (I knoww...don't lecture me about "stealing"). Practice and reviewing your wrong answers is key.

Also remember that LR makes up HALF your score on the LSAT, so really perfect that as much as you can. Once you understand the games, you'll be fine in that section and it's fairly easy to get, but nailing LR is key because people are often inconsistent in that section.