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law school specialty rankings

law school specialty rankings
« on: March 06, 2004, 07:23:28 PM »
Hey guys, new poster, long time reader....j/k
My question was in regards to the rankings (basically US News/Word) makes with certain specialties.  What exactly makes a school that great in certain specialties when the school might invariably not be so great (i.e. trial advocacy and Stetson, Temple, etc.)?

My specific question is about international law specialty rankings.  I would like to know what you all know about any international law component that these certain schools have:

Fordham, BC, U of Washington (Seattle), William and Mary, North Carolina, Wasington and Lee, and Virginia

Furthermore, do any of you think that it would be worthwhile to go to a school that is ranked well in a specialty you would go to despite the school having low prestige and low placement records?

Thank you all, I enjoy all of your crazy rantings, but also the plethora of useful, meaningful opinions.   ;)